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Certified organic cotton, fair trade and vegan clothing. Our goal is to make your journey into ethical fashion as seamless as possible. 




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    498 reviews
    Great quality product

    Jandals are very comfortable and have nice patterns that do not wear off too quickly. High quality rubber, the straps do not break easily unlike other jandals.

    Gorgeous shoes!

    I've always loved Converse sneakers but am looking to make changes in my purchasing and lifestyle to be more ethical and sustainable. These sneakers are gorgeous, strong, very well made and make me feel gooooooood!

    The best sneakers ever

    I just bought these sneakers and even thought weather isn't the best for them to use, I still would recommend them. The fabric is thic and good feeling. Sneakers also feel good on foot.

    Excellent quality, clean conscience

    Awesome shoes that are durable and made with high quality materials. The price isn't unreasonable, and they look great. All around great shoes!

    Great quality product

    Great quality shoes with vibrant colour as always. Look forward to shopping again. Shipping can take some time to reach New Zealand.