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Boyleg, Pink, Organic & Fairtrade
Rhonda Wright (Brisbane, AU)
More Comfy Undies

I think I have reviewed these Boyleg undies before but I am more than happy to do so again. They are soooo comfortable that every time I open my draw it is these I choose to wear, everything else has become redundant therefore I had to return to increase my supply 😁 I wear one size larger in these

In love!

These are hands down my favourite thongs! I've always worn Havaianas but I'm trying to make better choices by shopping ethically and sustainably and I'm very happy to have found these as a replacement. When I first wore them one did leave a little sore on the top of my foot, but whatever was causing that friction seemed to wear off fairly quick so I don't think it's a common or problematic issue, and certainly nothing a bandaid while breaking in can't fix. I think the print is really cute as well, I usually like to keep things simple and pick all black but the print on these always makes me feel a little better when I put them on. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to choose these over any other brand!

Unisex Navy Crew Neck Organic Fairtrade
Sophia Holden (Adelaide, AU)

Lovely fit and feel to the fabric

Unisex Charcoal T-shirt Organic Fairtrade
Mitzi Galant (Wellington, NZ)

All great, except 3 x tags seems too much

I Like This Hoodie

I've worn it every day since it arrived. It's very comfy.

Bikini, Black, Organic & Fairtrade
Karin at Tinkerwell (Melbourne, AU)

These undies are simply fantastic! Comfortable and soft. Reassuring to know both workers and environment are being treated with care and respect too.

Full Brief, Black, Organic & Fairtrade
Vicki Philipp (Melbourne, AU)

Great Undies

Natural Rubber Thongs - Sea Shepherd
Pauline Marriott (New Town, AU)
My husband is horrified!

My husband bought a pair of Sea Shepherd thongs last year and loved them so much he bought himself another pair this year. After hearing him rave about how comfy they were (and he loves his thongs) I bought myself a pair and now he's horrified that we're one of 'those' couples who dress to match!

Excellent product!

Just wanted to take a moment just to let you know how much my son enjoys the shoes that he had purchased a few years ago and now has just replaced them thank you so much for the great work you do and attention to detail

Polo Shirt Black Unisex Organic Fairtrade
Robyn (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Great fit and feel

My husband is very pleased with his polo shirt - feels great and fits well and at the same time supporting communities in need. Thanks etiko team!

So beautifully soft

Good quality shirts, so soft and comfortable to wear, would like a smidge more length in the body but I should have gone a size up probably, otherwise very happy with purchase and now I know the sizing better will definitely purchase more.

Unisex Navy Hoodie Organic Fairtrade
Jeffrey H (Hurstbridge, AU)
Great hoodie!

Very comfortable and warm, and I am happy to note it is fairtrade!

These shoes feel great!

I chose Etiko shoes because I wanted to spend my money on a product that feels good physically and spiritually. Eriko are ethical, moral and environmentally responsible and they also make fantastic shoes. The shoes are extremely well made using high quality materials. They're also incredibly comfortable with arch support, something lacking in similar other branded shoes. I feel very happy with my purchase and would recommend these shoes, and also other merchandise (I also got a t shirt) due to the high quality, value for money and the good karma you'll get - knowing the people who made them got paid what they should and were treated with respect.

Boyleg, Pink, Organic & Fairtrade
Rhonda Wright (Brisbane, AU)
Great underwear

These undies are super comfy. So happy they are also ethically sourced, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Super comfy shirt

The cotton is extra soft, feels comfortable to wear and the design is eye-catching! Highly recommend this shirt to anyone - well, buy your own, 'co you're not wearing mine!!

Comfy and sustainable

It's so nice to find tops that are made of breathable organic cotton. They fit nicely, feel good and wash well.

Sneakers Lowcuts Black & White Organic Fairtrade
Tracy Champness (Newcastle, AU)
The best sneakers ever!

I’ve recently purchased another pair of these amazing sneakers! I’ve been purchasing etiko shoes for years now. At the moment I have 3 different colours of these great sneakers! Etiko sneakers are the only sneakers that fit my feet comfortably, they last ages, and they look great. I even wear them dancing! The fact these shoes are made ethically and sustainably makes them the perfect purchase. Thank you Etiko for a great product.

Best tees

Just bought 2 long sleeve tees. The quality and fit are great.

Unisex Black Hoodie Zipped Organic Fairtrade
Louise Hamilton (Bellerive, AU)

The best quality hoodie ever - so good I’ve bought 2.

Natural Rubber Thongs - Free the Bears
Emily MacDonald (Vernon Bridge, CA)

They’re very foamy and soft!

Unisex Grey Hoodie Organic Fairtrade
Samuel Scott (Sydney, AU)
Great purchase!

The feel of the material is great, and definitely keeps you warm! Would highly recommend.

Natural Rubber Thongs - Sea Shepherd
Keith Armstrong (Brisbane, AU)

cool as

Fantastic sneaks

Just what I wanted, the sizing Is spot on and the hitops are super comfy - thank you Etiko! I’ll be back to buy more in other colours.

Unisex Wear No Evil Black Hoodie Organic Fairtrade
Justin Van Poppel (Brisbane, AU)
Best hoodies ever

These organic 100% cotton hoodies are super warm and comfortable. Best hoodies hands down.

Fab racerback!

I ordered the white racerback for my yoga classes, which involve plenty of twists, turns and jumps. The racerback works very well for me, as it hugs the body without feeling constricting. I love it❤️.

I am a fan of Etiko, for its honest commitment to ethical trade and commerce. Well done, again 👏

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