Etiko Tipping Program

Etiko is the first company in Australia to offer a tip to producers in Pakistan. We’re glad to have you on board!

Etiko Tipping Program

What is the global tip?

With a small contribution, you can leave a thank you to the people who made your product. In this way, you establish a direct and secure connection between you and the people behind your product. Your tip makes it possible to realise individual goals and sustainably improves the living conditions of employees in production and their families in Pakistan.

What role does tip me play in this?

tip me facilitates the technical processing and ensures that your tip goes directly to the employees in Pakistan. All producers are registered personally and receive their tips in their bank accounts. Tip me registers every single worker and split the tips amongst all who contributed to the production process. Each worker receives their share directly on their individual bank or mobile money account. To ensure everyone receives their money, we communicate directly through WhatsApp & Co.

Through our tipping program, you can tip the workers who made your shoes. 100% goes to the workers. Direct, safe and transparent.