Team Etiko

Nick Savaidis

Founder / Director

The guy who founded Etiko. Former high school teacher with a dark secret CLICK HERE to learn what it is (he worked as a real estate agent for a short time). Developed a taste for social enterprise after spending a few years working on indigenous communities in the Northern Territory during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Introduced the No Sweat brand (world’s first ethically focussed fashion brand) into Australia back in 2004 and then decided to create Etiko in late 2005. Been at it since.

Clive Marriott

Etiko Merch Manager

Clive is the person who looks after our custom printing service. Before he joined the team he managed a fairtrade fruit company in the UK. When he isn't juggling numerous projects at Etiko he is juggling 3 daughters, which doesn't leave him much time for his favourite pastime (kayaking down the Yarra).

Liz Savaidis


Liz hails from the world of IT so you know she's good with systems and procedures. Little did she know when joined us how unsystemised and how lacking in procedures Etiko was. Now thanks to her magic skills things are beginning to operate more smoothly for us. When Liz isn't cracking the whip on our team (Nick mainly) she enjoys watching Danish detective dramas.

Zoe Savaidis

Customer Service

Before joining the team Zoe worked for a company that use to make snack bars made of nuts. Now she just works with people who are nuts! Zoe answers our phones and gets out all those lovely orders that our customers place with us. Her favourite past time is coming up with ways to keep the slugs and rabbits out of her veggie garden.

Sean Dwyer

Graphic Designer

Sean joined us earlier this year after recently completing his Bachelor of Creative Arts (which makes him the only qualified person to do his job at Etiko). When he isn’t slaving away in our office you can find him playing guitar in a number of bands around Melbourne.