COVID-19 Supply Chain Statement

Etiko Statement Regarding The Impact of COVID-19 in Supply Chains

During these unprecedented times, the health, wellbeing and safety of our customers, employees and workers throughout our supply chain remains a priority. We continue to communicate with our management on the ground in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan to understand how each of our factories and all of their workers are impacted and to ensure we all continue our focus on sustainability.

Since April 2020 Etiko have been taking steps to limit the negative impact of COVID-19 in the supply chain:

  • Supporting workers wages by ensuring manufacturers are paid for finished goods and goods in production;
  • Honouring all orders placed prior to and throughout the ongoing COVID-19 period and continuing to pay for and receive these orders;
  • Listening to management on the ground as we recognise local restrictions in production and honouring commitments to suppliers and factories allowing adjustments for reductions in their factory production capacity from time to time
  • Continue to place orders with our factories and communicate regularly to check on production timelines and communicate this back to our customers
  • Not enforcing force majeure clauses in trading agreements
  • Maintaining communication with suppliers about safe work practices and providing support as required
  • Diversifying our range to include ordering face masks in line with local laws of manufacturing at our factories.

We endorse and have complied with the Covid Fashion Commitments outlined by Baptist World Aid which outlines fair conditions of trading with suppliers in the garment industry around the world. We further endorse the International Labour Organisation’s Call to Action - Covid-19: Action in the Global Garment Industry asking brands and manufacturers to also continue their support of workers in factories and honouring all orders and payments and to continue to order to keep the labour force in jobs, with respect to uncertainty in production timelines due to the global health crisis.

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Excellent quality, clean conscience

Awesome shoes that are durable and made with high quality materials. The price isn't unreasonable, and they look great. All around great shoes!

Great quality product

Great quality shoes with vibrant colour as always. Look forward to shopping again. Shipping can take some time to reach New Zealand.

Shoes, load it, all white

Super comfy and look nice with anything.

Perfect Fit

These were purchased as a gift for my daughter and she can't stop talking about how much she loves them. She says they are conform nicely to her feet and are comfortable.

Great shirt with a great design

Love the colour and the design. I've bought plenty of Etiko shirts in the past and I think this is my favourite.