Veganuary and being a supervegan

Veganuary and being a supervegan

Being vegan is easy for some and for others it’s a complete overhaul of their lifestyle, consequently for the month of January many people can ‘dip their toe in’ and be vegan as Veganuary movements spread across the first world. 

Starting in the United Kingdom in 2014 by husband and wife team Jane Land and Matthew Glover, Veganuary as a movement has gained serious momentum with 2020 being it’s biggest pledge year yet. Much of being vegan focuses on what you eat but true Veganism is more than being a ‘hardline’ vegetarian. If your vegan motives are to save the environment and do no harm to animals then you need to consider every part of your life from what you wear, drink and consume in general.

Being genuinely vegan can require a lot of research because, as we are becoming increasingly aware, the hidden use of animal products in consumables can be near impossible to see, remember finding out that some wine had egg and honey in it?  Being vegan means you walk through every part of your life without using any animal products and the real challenge is that so much of our food and clothing, medicines and basically everything else are laced with animal products. On top of that if you have made a strong ethical stand to be truly vegan you don’t want to dress in head to toe synthetic fibres- everybody knows that dressing in plastic is not the solution. 

It’s a challenge

It is a challenge but more and more people are making the effort to research and apply what feels right for them. VeganLifts is part of a niche online community of fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals advocating for a vegan muscle building way of life. In line with Netflix’ 2019 blockbuster, ‘The Game changer’, VeganLiftz has a solid online community base and a clear mission-

  • Cut through the bullshit, lies and quasi-science that permeates the fitness
         industry (and also some vegan groups online).
  • Provide you with the best possible evidence-based and actionable advice so
         that you can start making those vegan muscle and strength gains and optimize
         your health.
  • Prove that it is indeed possible to build a great physique on a vegan diet.

  • Groups like Veganuary and VeganLiftz have the food side nailed, and have extended their ethical mission to include clothes and shoes which is where Etiko comes into it! Etiko are Australia’s most ethical clothing and footwear manufacturer, being accredited with an A+ for ethical clothing production year on year and receiving a Human Rights award in 2016, the first fashion brand to do so. All the clothes and shoes produced by Etiko are Vegan, Organic, Fairtrade, no petro-chemicals and minimal microplastics. The Vegan element of Etiko is primarily applicable to the shoes, as no animal glues are used in the manufacturing process. The classic organic heavy gauge organic cotton and natural rubber sole used to make Etiko sneakers appeal to Vegan athletes, bodybuilders and fitness addicts because they are genuinely vegan! We’ve spotted many conscious fit bodies sporting the sneakers, applying their values inside and out. 

    Whether you’re vegan full time, part time, for January or simply wanting to be a bit gentler on the earth and its inhabitants we urge you to consider what you eat and also what you wear. At Etiko we've done the research so you can fast track your ethical 2020 vision! Tread lightly on our planet and make sure you also wear your values.

    See these awesome Instagram athletes wearing their values on their feet - Cam MacDougall


    And the lovely Eshawithane too.


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