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Etiko's Tips for Conscientious Christmas Consumption

Etiko's Tips for Conscientious Christmas Consumption
We are in the silly season and Christmas Consumerism Craziness has possessed some people. Does it need to be this way? Who said we need to go cray-cray, spend copious amounts of money and buy tonnes of gifts….just to prove we are in the ‘spirit of Christmas’? NOT us!

Not everyone is under the Spending Spell….and we applaud our Etiko community who take the time to consider their spending and the impact it has. Even better, we love it when our Etikoites use their purchases from us to make a point….showing that our clothing and sneakers can be bought for a reasonable price AND have a positive social and economic impact for the people who made them!

 Many of us recall those oft-spoken words, “It is not the gift, but the thought that counts”, that usually came from the mouths of mothers as they attempted to teach us about gratitude.

 Okay, so our Etiko Christmas Tips may be along that path, however we understand some people still want to give something this time of year. We are not saying ‘no gifts at all’, maybe just slow things down, think about purchases, and ask yourself, ‘Do I really need to buy so much/buy that/buy anything?’

  EXPERIENCES & TREAT VOUCHERS A voucher for a massage, manicure/pedicure, dinner or a sky dive shows you know what a friend or family member would like (or needs!)

 VOUCHERSHOMEMADE Giving first-time parents a voucher to go out for dinner while you babysit could be appreciated MORE than you will ever know! What about young children or teens (who are not earning their own money yet) making vouchers for a car wash? It teaches them that giving their time is just as valuable as a bought gift.

 GIFT DONATIONS Organisations such as World Vision, Oxfam, Plan, CARE, and Caritas enable people to ‘buy’ an item that supports developing communities. Instead of receiving a gift, family and friends receive a card detailing the contribution.  

HOME MADE GIFTS Receiving an item that a friend/colleague/family member has taken the time to make….the best gift!  

ACTUAL GIFTS Local markets are a great place to pick up homemade gifts, and you are supporting your community.  

Enjoy the last weeks of 2023, be gracious when you come across stressed Christmas shoppers and continue to be conscientious consumers!

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