Our plans for 2024

Our plans for 2024

For our regular customers in Melbourne, you would have noticed that we closed our physical store late last year. The decision was a difficult one to make, but ultimately, it was the right one for our brand because it will mean we can give you more.

Running our store had become an expense that was no longer justifiable. In an era of internet shopping amid a cost-of-living crisis and a greenwashed eco-ethical fashion industry, we simply couldn’t do enough to draw customers into the shop. However, our online sales have remained consistent, and we know the appetite for affordable eco-ethical clothing is continuing to grow slowly.

So, after much ruminating, we closed the store and began redirecting the money we would have spent on rent into bigger and better offerings for you, our customers.

Despite no longer having a physical store, we still have plenty to offer and plenty of new things on the way.

In 2024 we will be bringing you our very first vegan leather shoes. Almost all vegan leather shoes are petroleum-derived, which means they can’t naturally biodegrade over time and or be recycled at the end of their life. That’s why we’ve always stuck to our organic cotton canvas hi-tops. But Etiko’s vegan leather shoes will be different. Not only will they be ethically made in our Fairtrade workshops, but they will also be made without the use of any petroleum-derived products. That means Etiko will be one of the first brands in Australia to sell natural, biodegradable vegan leather shoes. Stay tuned for more info on these cool new kicks in the coming months.

This year, you’ll also see new T-shirt designs released. To make way for these new designs, we’ve decided to stop selling singlets and v-neck tees. So, if you’re in the market for one of these products, we suggest you get in quick – they’re currently reduced to clear.

Finally, we are working on our next range of natural rubber thongs. Of course they will be made with FSC certified rubber. At this stage we’re trying to make a final decision re the three colours we’ll be offering …black is definite, just try to decide on the other two …we need to choose between chocolate brown, charcoal grey or olive. What do you think?

As we settle into our new e-based way of selling and get ready to release new goodies to you, we’d love your help.

As a small family-owned business that has never had the financial means to spend big on marketing or advertising, we rely on your referrals. To help spread the word about Etiko, we’re offering a reward for recommending our brand to your friends and family. Join our referral program.

We’ll be in touch with more updates soon.


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