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Earn Interest, Do Good and Help Etiko Grow 🌱 💚

Interested in Helping Etiko Grow Further ?

As our regular customers know, I created Etiko to empower and uplift supply chain farmers and workers through a straightforward concept: fair compensation and fair pay. Supporting these people is at the heart of what we do, and we want to keep doing it for many more years. But we need your help.

Nick Founder of Etiko with Cotton Farmers

To continue supporting the farmers and makers within our supply chains – as well as their communities – we need to ask for your financial support. Etiko is currently seeking private loans from our loyal supporters with the option to convert to shares within the business.

Over the years, we’ve borrowed from a small number of our customers and supporters, repaying the loans in full. Their support has enabled us to achieve our business goals and position ourselves as leaders in the eco-ethical fashion market.

We're now seeking further loans. If you want to see Etiko grow further and are in a position to lend us money at an attractive interest rate then please enquire today. 

Help Etiko grow further Enquiry

Since launching Etiko in 2005 as Australasia's first-ever Fairtrade fashion brand, our commitment to paying a living wage has helped more than 1,200 workers in India and Pakistan.

 Etiko Staff in front of Brunswick Store

We’ve contributed over $30,000 to community groups and not-for-profits in Australia through our Thongs for Good program and fundraising T-shirt sales. We give as much as possible, whenever possible, during production and after-sales.

Over the years, we’ve won a small swag of awards for our commitment to sustainability and ethics. In 2016, we became the first fashion brand in Australia to receive a human rights award. We’ve topped the Ethical Fashion Report every year since 2013.

But our commitment to prioritising ethics over profit comes with a catch – it’s hard to get ahead financially. Our brand has never had the capital to grow in alignment with our vision.

In the next 12-24 months, we want to do more, offer more and help more.

By expanding our business, improving our range and holding more stock, we can become the first choice for more customers.

If we increase our customer base, we can increase production, meaning more job opportunities for textile workers. And not just any job – a role within Fairtrade manufacturing is a job opportunity that respects its employees' health, safety and rights.

Raising capital right now will enable us to scale up our business, add more skilled experts to our team, grow our brand name within the mainstream market and invest in research and development.

In particular, funding will help us:

  • Expand and improve our product offerings;
  • Increase our staffing levels;
  • Prepare crowdfunding for equity campaign;
  • Grow our digital presence and expand our e-commerce business;
  • Invest in marketing and PR.

Etiko is determined to grow into a brand that can supply more ethical options to a broader audience, but we can’t do it without you. Now is the time for more people to shop their values and invest in a future that’s better for all.

Help Etiko grow further Enquiry

If you believe in Etiko’s goals and want to contribute to creating change, please contact us directly via phone (03 9752 3082) or email (nick@etiko.com.au) to discuss loan opportunities. Together, we can build a better, more ethical future. 

Nick (Niko) Savaidis


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