Etiko is now Social Traders Accredited.

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Etiko is proud to be accredited as a social enterprise by Australia’s leading Social Enterprise auxiliary organisation, Social Traders. The newly appointed approval of our application has cemented something we’ve believed for a long time and that is forging a business that improves communities in a commercial and sustainable way is the way of the future.

Social Traders defines Social enterprises as

‘businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment.’

The value of being accredited by Social Traders is connected to their diligence in defining what qualities make a social enterprise as well as their mission. Social Traders foster growth of social enterprises across Australia, helping people and communities both near and far. They also foster social enterprise growth by connecting them to the buying power of the Government and the private sector. This is something we are ready for and are looking forward to developing with Social Traders. Increasing the engagement of big business can only help normalise our organic, Fairtrade and sustainable agenda.

Emma Joyce from Social Traders says, “We’re so pleased that Etiko has recently become an Social Traders certified social enterprise. As a pioneer of ethically made clothing, the social impact generated by Etiko is genuine and far reaching. By purchasing from Etiko, customers – be them consumers or businesses – can be confident that their spend is contributing to positive social and sustainable outcomes and our community and environment.”

The Etiko team has worked tirelessly over the last 15 years to ensure our clothing and footwear is made and delivered to our customers in the most ethical and sustainable way. This means that all our cotton, hemp and rubber is organic, made Fairtrade and even vegan. No harm to people, animals and the environment. We have always wanted to ensure there was an option for people to buy clothes of the highest ethical standards and not break the bank. Which means that we make sure that everyone in the Etiko supply chain, from seed sewers to cotton stitchers, are paid a living wage above the minimum wage which impacts communities in a positive way. Having a low or no environmental impact is also important to Etiko. Some of the rubber on our footwear is even recycled. Speaking of recycled, that is what our packaging is made of, natural recycled materials making it also compostable.

 Etiko and Social Traders is an excellent partnership, one we plan to maximise in the future. We love the work they do and are pleased to be a part of the marketplace. Thanks, Social Traders, let’s fight the good fight.

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  • I am in Love with your company and all your good actions! Nice work…I’m very inspired ;)

    Danielle Robertson on

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In love!

These are hands down my favourite thongs! I've always worn Havaianas but I'm trying to make better choices by shopping ethically and sustainably and I'm very happy to have found these as a replacement. When I first wore them one did leave a little sore on the top of my foot, but whatever was causing that friction seemed to wear off fairly quick so I don't think it's a common or problematic issue, and certainly nothing a bandaid while breaking in can't fix. I think the print is really cute as well, I usually like to keep things simple and pick all black but the print on these always makes me feel a little better when I put them on. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to choose these over any other brand!

Unisex Navy Crew Neck Organic Fairtrade
Sophia Holden (Adelaide, AU)

Lovely fit and feel to the fabric

Unisex Charcoal T-shirt Organic Fairtrade
Mitzi Galant (Wellington, NZ)

All great, except 3 x tags seems too much

I Like This Hoodie

I've worn it every day since it arrived. It's very comfy.

Bikini, Black, Organic & Fairtrade
Karin at Tinkerwell (Melbourne, AU)

These undies are simply fantastic! Comfortable and soft. Reassuring to know both workers and environment are being treated with care and respect too.

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