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Empowering Ethical Change: Partnering with St. Mary's for Fairtrade Scarves

Three school students wearing etiko fairtrade scarves
At Etiko, we reckon there’s nothing better than seeing young people involved in creating social change. That’s why we were stoked to partner with a local Victorian school this winter to provide them with 500 school scarves.

St Mary of the Angels Secondary College has a long history of ethically sourcing their school scarves. But when their old supply channel in Peru was no longer viable, they did some research and contacted us.

The process of designing and ordering their new Fairtrade scarves became an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the importance of ethical supply chains and organically grown cotton.

The school’s Senior Mathematics Teacher and Social Justice Leader, Ruth Bakogianis, says, “The Social Justice students were invested in the procurement decisions. They understand the scourge of the fashion industry and the importance of making moral choices regarding supply chains. We endeavour to educate our school community about the importance of purchasing slavery-free products.”

And the students haven’t just stopped at Fairtrade Textiles. They’re now working to replace all coffee in their school with Fairtrade-certified coffee.

To any other schools or community groups who are considering purchasing Fairtrade products, Ruth had these wise words to share:

“It takes time and effort to source ethically, but it is worth it. Each student involved in a slavery-free project goes on to educate those around them and hopefully continues this for the rest of their lives. This is the real power of education.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Congratulations to the kids involved in this project.

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