Consumer Holidays

Consumer Holidays

Consumer-driven holidays and shopping promotions cause something of an ethical headache for us at Etiko headquarters. Our business decisions are always made with the intention of doing good to others and the environment, yet we are dependent on consumer dollars. Without sales, we can’t create social change. Without sales, we cease to exist, and our supply chain workers lose their livelihood.

Last year we spent considerable time debating whether or not to participate in the Australian Black Friday sales. We weren’t fans of the “click-frenzy” tactics and felt unsure about the significance of the American holiday in Australia. In the end, we took the plunge and chose to participate in the event despite our hesitations.

To our surprise, the Black Friday event generated our most successful day of sales in the history of Etiko! As a result this year we will once again be participating in the event and hoping for as much success as the previous year.

Because we do in fact #giveashit about the impact consumerism has on our precious world, we want to remind all of our customers to participate thoughtfully in the sales. We will, of course, have some great discounts available for you, and if you are keen to complete some Christmas shopping we are always grateful when you introduce our brand and ethics to someone new. But please do participate mindfully. Stick to your budgets, shop smart, and enjoy the knowledge that purchasing from Etiko is voting for the most ethical fashion brand in Australia.

Author: Niko - Founder of Etiko

Photo: via Pinterest / Reuters

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