Environmental Statement

Etiko – Our Carbon Footprint & What We Are Doing About It

Since we formed, Etiko has been conscious of the impact of our decisions and actions on our planet.

In 2013, Etiko took its first step into the world of measuring our impact (carbon footprint) on the planet.  We teamed up with the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to help us measure our company’s impact; advise us how to reduce it, and actions we can take to offset our impact.

Our first CRI report showed that Etiko’s carbon footprint was: 66.48 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2014, Etiko has improved the way it operates, helping to reduce our carbon footprint each year.

In Australia, our main office moved from our shared warehouse space to a smaller space.  We also reduced our travel.

Our plastic mail bags are recyclable via the Australia Post Mailing Satchel Brigade program.

We also work with our overseas manufacturers to raise awareness and change production and operational behaviour.  Some of these changes include:

Using cardboard swing tags, instead of plastic

Using cardboard packaging on our underwear range – instead of cardboard and a layer of plastic

Using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cardboard and paper

Using biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging from Natur-tech

We are in the process of arranging our next greenhouse gas emissions audit, and will share the results when complete.

What has Etiko done to achieve Carbon Neutral status?

To offset its impact, each year Etiko purchases ethical, social environmental carbon credits from Timor-Leste via Carbon Social.  The organisation works with subsistence farmers in Baguia to replant trees, improve livelihoods and build village economies.


What are Etiko’s plans to maintain Carbon Neutral status?

To further reduce our impact, Etiko is continually researching new ways to work.  This includes:


Exploring use of reusable delivery packages – similar to the RePack system created in Finland

Exploring how the closed-loop recycling system can be used for Etiko products


Etiko has set a net-zero carbon emissions target by 2020 for our entire supply chain.  We are encouraging our suppliers to work with us to achieve that target.  The Australian fashion industry has set its target for 2050.


Why is being Carbon Neutral important to Etiko?

Etiko is about living conscientiously; and making decisions and purchases that do not harm people, animals or the earth. Etiko was founded on these principles, and we continue to search for new ways to improve the way we operate.