Men's Fair Trade Clothing

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Trunks, Eclipse Stripe, Organic & Fairtrade


Trunks, Peacock Organic Fairtrade


Trunks, Heather Grey, Organic & Fairtrade


Trunks, Black, Organic & Fairtrade

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Best-est thongs everrrrrr

Wearing thongs is great but I've always hated how they're just filled with nasty-dinosaur-juice based rubber. I'm so glad that Etiko offers these ones made out of natural rubber. While they do seem to wear through a little faster than other ones, at least I don't feel as guilty about getting new ones when I need to.

Excellent quality

Perfect fit, comfy and long lasting material. Will get more once the ones I have are worn out - got them for several years already, though. Very happy with them.

Excellent quality

Perfect fit, comfy and long lasting material.

Excellent quality

Fits perfectly, super comfortable to wear and the print lasts many years!

God quality and great small touches

Seems better quality than most shirts I've ever had. I also love the biodegradable packaging and the small touches like not having to cut off tags, because the tag is attached to a safety pin attached to the shirt, and just unclips.

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