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Our Story


First up, a little history. We started Etiko way back at the end of 2005 after finding that, no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t buy stuff such as sportsballs, clothing & footwear, which we could be 100% confident hadn’t been made by a child or some poor worker being ripped off in a developing country. 
Sweatshops, corporate greed, globalisation, call it what you want, all we knew was that it sucked and it was time for an alternative.

Since our launch we’ve achieved quite a bit for a small operation based in the outer south east suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Some of these achievements include...

  • first non-food brand to gain fairtrade certification (Australia/New Zealand/Pacific region)
  • first eco-friendly range of footwear (Australia/New Zealand/Pacific region)
  • teamed up with worker owned co-operatives in Argentina
  • helped fund the creation of more than 300 micro businesses in Pakistan
  • achieved A+,the highest ranking for the ethical supply chains in the 2013, 2015 & 2016 Australian Fashion Report (ps there was no report in 2014)
  • winner of the 2013 & 2014 Australian Fairtrade Product of the Year

...but enough bragging.

Now you can get your do-gooder mitts on Australia & New Zealand’s biggest range of ethically produced fashion, footwear & sportsgear via our two brands Etiko and Jinta Sport as well as our custom printing service Etiko Merch . And all products come with the added satisfaction of knowing everything we do is also as eco friendly as can be.