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Our Mission

Etiko P/L the company behind both the Etiko and Jinta Sports brands is committed to being 100% Fair Trade, through every step or our products lifecycle.

We aim to purchase Fair Trade products from marginalised producer-groups in the developing world as much as possible. We guarantee the majority of all our purchasing is Fair Trade and in accordance with both Fairtrade Label Organisation and Fairtrade USA Standards

We acheive this through the following...

LEADING BY EXAMPLE for competitors, peers and the government to showcase the importance of a Fair Trade model of business which is based on partnership, compassionate values and sustainability.

SUPPORTING our partners to achieve economic and social independence and control over their environment, and challenging the power structures that undermine their rights.

PROTECTING the environment by using natural resources efficiently, and promoting environmentally responsible initiatives to create new sustainability models.

SUPPLYING customers with high quality products, friendly and efficient service, and education of Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable solutions

PROVIDING a supportive environment to all stakeholders and encouraging communication and understanding amongst them.