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Our Impact

Every Etiko product - footwear, apparel or sportsballs - creates a better world‎. When you buy from Etiko, you not only get a quality ‎product that looks good, you do good as well. 
Your Etiko product purchase:
- enables payment of decent wages to the factory workers making your product in India, Sri Lanka & Pakistan
- supports Etiko's payment of fair trade premiums -- ‎on top of fair prices -- that are invested by factories in social & economic development initiatives to benefit workers, their families & communities
- ‎ensures safe & decent working conditions for factory workers
- is an investment in sourcing of raw materials ‎(e.g. cotton, rubber) that are environmentally sustainable & ethically produced
Etiko goes above & beyond responsible production of our products because our business aspires to do as much good in the world as we can. We put people & planet first. For example, we know that if workers & farmers are given decent work & paid fairly for their labour, they can & will lift themselves out of poverty. That's why we invest in the people in our supply chains, & choose fair trade & organic certifications. It's why we set out more than a decade ago, as a small, family-owned business, to ‎show that business & trade should & can make the world a better place. It's why we continually look for ways for our business to raise the bar on doing good & having positive social & environmental impacts. To date, our commitment to bringing you ethical & sustainable products that change the world for good has won us some awards & accolades, of which we are very proud. More important to us is that the purchase of Etiko products has ‎enabled us to keep investing in the social & economic empowerment of the workers & farmers in our supply chain - an impact we are eager & determined to grow substantially over the decade ahead. 
Purchase an Etiko product today & join with us in creating a better world.